Monday, September 30, 2013

New Things

Back from another few days with my team in Brisbane

The 'Hexagon' stuff is to go with some scenery me and Tracy are building for some 28mm science fiction games, probably Necromunda or something of that ilk

No way I'd ever pay the full retail price for one of these, the prices in the two countries I've seen them in so far are obscene. Ten bucks was alright though.

Different shop but same story, slightly dearer this one. The store owner told me these Aifix buildings are hard to sell. How long does it take a marketing genius to work out that the punters think something is too expensive? I should work for Airfix :):):)

Got this mainly for the accessories but the building is a bonus because I don't really have a lot here in Australia yet

The Sci Fi stuff I mentioned 

Needed some of this stuff too

Will make more of an effort to make some new poses to show you with these ones

Looking forward to doing the top one

WW1 staff car

Minor nations transport

Nostalgic, couldn't help myself with this one, will fit it in somewhere amongst my cold war collection

Some brighter colours for the 28mm figures

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great War Tunneling Company

Something a bit different here. This is basically your standard generic allied forces engineer company, but they can double as tunnelers if the scenario calls for it.

We played a Messines Ridge game a couple of years ago but these guys weren't included that time round

CD Over the Top doesn't really cater for underground warfare but the provision is there if you wanted to use it, the rules are similar to sewer fighting in WW2 scenarios 

All HaT figures with the obligatory picks and shovels. More top-stuff from David Russell.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Force was strong with this one...

A trip to the city of Maryborough last night produced the following couple of games of X-Wing, very very, cool...

In the first game my Rebel X-Wing was easily a match for the two TIE Fighters

Suffered some minor damage getting a hang of the rules

But, it a short time...

Scratch x1 hostile

Scratch x2 Picked the last one off from extreme range

A few pictures of the excellent miniatures

I think the X-Wing is more of a fighter, while the Y-Wing is more of a fighter/bomber

The redoubtable Millennium Falcon 

The ride of Boba Fett

TIE Interceptor 

Darth Vader's ride

The quick and nimble A-Wing

Game 2, this time I played the bad guys

The Y-Wing was slow but packed a lot of firepower, here my TIE Interceptor explodes under a hail of turret-mounted cannon fire

With the standard TIE following just a few turns later

The victor

The hanger

X-Wing is a great game. It reminded me of this old classic that we used to play a lot when I was living at the Thiepval Barracks. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

37mm Trench Gun

More from the talents of my good friend David Russell...

Each U.S regiment has one platoon in CD terms, although you sometimes get others in certain scenarios 

Most U.S equipment was borrowed from other nations

I think Dave has an entire division so he might need to do another couple of these.